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Voted Best Financial Advisor in the 2019 Readers' Choice Awards

"My husband and I are very pleased to have worked with Quinn. We have struggled to find someone we could trust to give us solid advice without turning everything into a sales pitch, and the experience we’d had with our banks left something to be desired. It has been very helpful to have a plan we are working towards that is based on solid, expert advice. I’ve also really appreciated Quinn’s gentle prodding for me to get tasks done, and have enjoyed being able to patronize a New Westminster-based business.

— Jen Arbo, Digital Communications Consultant and New Westminster Citizen of the Year 2016


"As my wife and I approached retirement we decided to seek a second opinion from Quinn on our investments. By creating a Financial Plan, Quinn discovered many ways to optimize our portfolio by reducing costs, increasing returns and creating tax saving strategies that have put us in a stronger financial position moving forward.  We trust Quinn to do what is best for us and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."

— K. & R. Evans

"Having not received much attention from our former advisor and not having a financial plan in place, we decided to seek a second opinion from Quinn.  He helped guide us through the process and showed us how different scenarios would affect our retirement.  He has been very attentive to our needs and provides us with the right amount of attention and care.  We would recommend him to others looking for financial help and retirement planning."

— W. & L. Sinkler

“So grateful to work with you and have your coaching. THANK YOU.”

— E. Robin

"As a business owner, I am very busy and rarely have time to look at investing.  Quinn helped me develop a flexible strategy where I can save for retirement while I continue to work on growing my business.  I know that Quinn will work in my best interest and appreciate that he understands the challenges and inconsistency of running a business.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy advisor to help with their financial needs."

— J. Nott


"My husband and I recently became clients of Quinn's and we couldn't be happier with our decision.  With every interaction Quinn has been reliable, timely, transparent, communicative and very personable. His thorough knowledge and expertise is matched by his ability to explain the intricacies of our investments in a way that is very easily understood. He's made every transaction painless, either doing the work for us, or when needed, holding our hand through the exact steps we needed to take. Quinn even went so far as to keep us updated on pending transactions while he was on vacation with his family! We feel we're in good hands and highly recommend you explore working with him."

K. Johnston

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