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RRSP Deadline - March 1, 2019

Quinn Waddington - Feb 13, 2019

*As seen in the Professional Talks section of The New Westminster Record


With the Mar. 1st RRSP deadline approaching, should I just put money in my RRSP mutual funds again or is there a better option?


This question has been coming up more often as people begin to realize how high the imbedded fees in mutual funds are, often up to 2.5% or higher. There are many cheaper options which is why I generally avoid mutual funds for my clients. One option is to use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to manage a diverse and tactical portfolio that can take advantage of different global opportunities for much lower costs than mutual funds. The average savings of our new clients has been roughly 1%, which over a 30+ year investment horizon adds up to a substantial amount of extra money staying in your pocket.