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Platinum Awards Wrap-up

Quinn Waddington - Dec 01, 2017
I think my father wrapped-up our evening at last Thursday night’s Platinum Awards best when he said, “That was impressive”.  He wasn’t simply speaking about the venue, the food or drink.

I think my father wrapped-up our evening at last Thursday night’s Platinum Awards best when he said, “That was impressive”.  He wasn’t simply speaking about the venue, the food or drink.  He wasn’t simply speaking about the list of nominees and eventual winners.  He wasn’t even simply speaking about the fact that the voiceovers for the evening were done by legendary Canucks announcer John Ashbridge (although that may have been the highlight for him).  He was of course speaking about all those things, but I think what he thought was truly impressive was the sense of community that the event entailed. That sense of community was the reason my parents raised my brother and I in New Westminster and it is the same reason Liz and I have decided to raise our boys here as well.


When looking at the list of nominees ( ) you see the common thread that joins the large majority of the people, businesses and societies.  That common thread is the willingness and the passion to help those around us and make our city a better place.  Of course, these awards are business focused and most of the nominees and winners have excelled in the various business-related categories, but it was obvious in their writeups and speeches that helping New Westminster was a big part of their drive.  A good example of this is none other than Business Person of the year winner, Jorden Foss.  Jorden is the co-founder of Steel & Oak Brewing but if you go to any event or local charity, you will see that this company sponsors, promotes and volunteers their time as much or more than any in New West.  Jorden’s generous personality and passion for the city are obviously the driving force behind that chartable giving.  On top of running the highly successful and continually expanding Steel & Oak, Jorden also chairs the Arts Council in New Westminster and has created, along with the wonderful Jen Arbo) the popular New West Collective, which hosts event for locals to chat and get to know each other without the awkwardness of regular networking events.  Other winners have similar stories including Gabor Gastonyi who is a long-time Rotarian and Royal Printers who have been a staple in our community for over 85 years.  It honestly was an honour to sit among the nominees for such a fantastic and inspiring evening.


Having said that, I wasn’t sitting the entire night because I am lucky enough to be a part the wonderful New West Hospice Society board, who won the Platinum award for best Not-For-Profit of the Year. All the board members in attendance went on stage and supported our VP Wendy Johnson, who eloquently thanked our supporters and delivered our message of the work still left to be done. Here is the board that evening:


Shortly after that award, I was called on stage as the sponsor of the Citizen of the Year award.  I explained my reasoning for sponsoring this award in my previous post, so I will spare you that story, but I can tell you that being able to stand up in front of the audience and thank all the nominees for inspiring me was something I am grateful and that alone, made the sponsorship worthwhile.  On top of that, I had the extremely cool experience of actually opening an envelope and announcing the recipient of the 2017 Citizen of the Year, Nadine Nakagawa, who was definitely a crowd favourite. Then after all of that, I get to be the first (of many that night) to take a picture with the newly awarded Citizen of the Year.


For a broader wrap up of the award and the recipients that night, here is The Record article .


I had a great night, I can’t wait for next year because from the initial rumblings, it is going to even bigger and better.  Give me a call if you want to discuss the evening because I am more than happy to reminisce!