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Helping Seniors with Cybersecurity

Ayden Cartwright - Oct 05, 2021

Canadians are living longer than ever and, at the same time, having fewer children than decades ago. As the number of seniors continues to grow, they have increasingly become a target for fraud. Alongside our greater reliance on technology, the habits of a typical senior citizen can often make them vulnerable to fraudsters, especially through mobile phones or internet channels. According to a recent poll, while 42 percent of seniors own a smart phone, only 26 percent feel “very confident” when using computers and mobile devices. Complicating matters is that fraudsters continue to improve the sophistication with which they target individuals, developing new and evolving scams. Yet, the outcome is most often the same: a significant amount of money is lost by victims to these fraudulent activities. According to the latest statistics, senior citizens lose more than $20 million to fraud each year.


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