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2020 Wrap Up

Quinn Waddington - Dec 15, 2020

The Recap

Well that was quite the year! Like most, I will be glad to be done with it and look forward, with optimism, to getting back to a more “normal” life as we progress through 2021.

It seems like way more than a year ago, but in January 2020, stock markets were continuing to push through all-time highs and had been on a steady climb since the quick crash in Dec. 2018. Then news of COVID began in February and markets dropped dramatically in February and March until they hit a bottom (down roughly 35%) on March 23rd. Since that day, the markets have been on a steady, at times volatile, ride right back up to new all-time highs.

The markets shook off increasing COVID and death rates, economic shutdowns and the US election and just continued to move upwards. The reason: HOPE. Hope for the future, hope for a vaccine and hope that life (and global economies) will begin to grow again at speeds we were getting used to before 2020. The markets always look forward and are predicting a brighter future in 2021 and beyond.


The Give

If you are reading this post, then you likely know me well enough to know I pride myself on being the go-to for all my clients’ and friends’ financial needs. I have been more than happy to refer accountants, mortgage brokers and lawyers that I know share my mentality of putting clients’ needs first. On that note, I have spent a lot of this year meeting people in all sorts of industries that share that same philosophy. I’m now excited to have a larger network and be able to offer recommendations for so much more than just the financial side of life, including the following:


Financials: Accountants, Estate Lawyers, Insurance (Life and Property) and Notaries.

Real Estate: Mortgage Brokers, Realtors and Property Managers (commercial and residential) and Real Estate Lawyers.

Renovation: Contractors, Electricians, Excavation, Roofers, Plumbers, Designers and Painters.

Marketing: Signs, Graphic Designers, Website Developers, SEO Optimizers, Communication Consultants, Social Media Experts and Swag creators.

All the above as well as Mechanics, Jewelers, Tree Services and more.


So, going forward, if you are ever looking for a recommendation and don’t know where to start, send me a note and I’d be happy to find you a great option, whether or not they are on the above lists.


The Ask

Although this year started great and I got to see many of you in the early days for our Annual Review meetings, those meetings came to a grinding halt in March. While I look forward to seeing people in person again, I was so amazed and gratified by the number of referrals I was sent through the course of the year. I can’t tell you how touched I am to look back and realize how much my business has grown from my clients trusting me enough to send their friends and family my way. I’d like to continue to grow my team to make sure we can help as many people as we can plan for their futures so they can enjoy today.


With that in mind, my asks are twofold;

1) Who do you know with an interest in the financial planning/investment world that may be looking to enter the industry?

2) Who do you know that has said one of these things to you lately?

     - “The banks have terrible customer service”

     - “my mutual funds” (anything with mutual funds needs a second opinion)

     - “I have no idea how much I need to retire”

     - “RRSP, TFSA, is all too confusing”

     - “I have no time/desire to sort out my finances”

If you could help me with either of those two asks, I would be very grateful!


The Grand Finale

After such a bizarre year, I hope you are able to spend the last few weeks relaxing and enjoying the holidays with your families. I know this holiday season won’t quite be as merry and bright as most but do try to look at the positives and of course look forward to the start of a new year, which we all hope, will be better than the last.

From my family to yours, Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year! It is not the usual holiday time but we can all can wish for a happy and healthier new year. or (604) 699-0874